Women’s Forum

The Women’s Forum鈥痺as founded in 1992 to provide members of the Otterbein community to network, share ideas through educational meetings, consider women’s issues, formulate and advance positions relating to women’s issues, and serve staff and students. The Forum also鈥痗ollaborates with the Women’s Studies Program on women’s issues.

Meetings are held鈥痶wo to three times a year and feature a variety of speakers who address issues of interest to women and their allies. The forum also honors women or men who have made significant contributions in support of women at Otterbein with the鈥疊read and Roses Award鈥痚ach spring.

Bread and Roses Award

The 六合彩网址大全 Women’s Forum Bread and Roses Award was established in 1992 to honor women or men who have made significant contributions in support of women. This award honors an individual’s accomplishments and efforts in the area of women’s issues.

In the past year of 2017, we have celebrated the 25th Anniversary of this largest Women鈥檚 Forum event on campus, by presenting 鈥淩emarkable Women at Otterbein, Then and Now.鈥 At this particular moment, we gave two Honorary Awards to two role models for women at 六合彩网址大全 鈥 Otterbein鈥檚 20th president Dr. Kathy Krendl and Dr. Beth Daugherty.

In the spring of 2022, after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we celebrated the 30th year of the Women鈥檚 Forum foundation and honored six incredible women in our community, including the Honorary Award to Otterbein business professor Dr. Shirine Mafi.

In April 2023, we celebrated 30 years of Bread and Roses Award and honored three amazing Otterbein members. 2023 Bread and Roses Award recipients include Dr. Megan Chawansky, Julie Saker, and Miranda Hilt (鈥23).



The title of the award was inspired by a strike banner in 1912 with the slogan “We want bread and roses too!” The strike took place in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where a state law reduced the work week for children from 56 to 54 hours. Company owners retaliated by reducing all workers’ hours to 54, which increased their workloads without an increase in wages. More than 20,000 men, women and children stayed out of work for 10 weeks in order to win concessions from the woolen mill owners. In 2005, Women’s Forum collaborated with Women’s Studies and included students as award recipients.

Student Bread and Roses Award

The Student Bread and Roses Award is given to a student who has made important contributions to women’s studies at Otterbein. Those contributions may include leadership in feminist activism, demonstrated excellence in women’s studies scholarship, or service to the Women’s Studies Program. Preference will be given to a student with a minor in women’s studies.


The Women’s Forum gives the annual Bread and Roses Award to an outstanding individual or group who has made significant contributions in support of women through exemplary service. The award goes to a man, woman or group who has made an impact in women’s issues that deserves to be recognized. That person may:

  • Demonstrate a notable and/or sustained contribution to women’s issues.
  • Serve as a role model or advocate for women.
  • Make an exceptional contribution to 六合彩网址大全.

Since 1992, Women’s Forum has given the Bread and Roses Award to a person (or group) who has made significant contributions in support of women through their exemplary service. The title of the award was inspired by a strike banner whose slogan read “We want bread and roses too!” In 1912, these banners were carried by women while striking against inhumane work conditions in the wool mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Starting in 2005, Women’s Forum is also honoring students who have shown leadership and exemplary service in support of women’s issues.

If you would like to nominate a faculty, staff, student, alumni, or a group, please contact with Executive Board鈥痮f Women鈥檚 Forum or find posters or announcements on campus in every February or March.

Breadandroses 2023Bread and Rose Award Winners 2023
Breadandroses 2023 Speakers2023 Bread and Rose Award Ceremony Guest Speaker
Bread And Rose Award Winners 2022Bread and Rose Award Winners 2022
Past Winners
2023 Dr. Megan Chawansky, Julie Saker, and Miranda Hilt (鈥23).

2022 Dr. Shirine Mafi (Honorary Award), , Kirsten Crotte, Dr. Joan Esson, Aissata Barry (MBA ’23), and Paige Skaff (Sociology ’22). .

2019 Tameka Johnson(Chefat The Point), Wesley Strobel (student awardee). .
2018 Crystal Koon-Lester (posthumously), Crystal Koon-Lester Memorial Task Force, Dr. Janice Glowski, Dr. Joan Rocks. .
2017 Dr. Patricia Keane, Dr. Grace McDaniel, Annette Boose, and Erica Zimmer Honorary Awards: Dr. Kathy Krendl and Dr. Beth Daugherty. .
2016 Donna Rhodeback, Ashley Strausser, Mikayla Knerr, Mikah Barrueta. .
2015 Dr. Suzanne Ashworth, Dr. Beverly Good and Carrie Coisman. .
2014 Dr. Mary McKelvey, Dr. Kerry Strayer and Alex Shaffer
2013 Peggy McMains (Center for Teaching and Learning), Jacqlyn Schott (WGSS major), and Peggy Lobb (Psychology)
2012 Dr. Susan Fagan, Dr. Tammy聽Birk and Sheema Masood. .
2011 Niki Fayne and Garlena Bauer
2010 Patti Rothermich, Kathlene Boone and Morgan Ritchie
2009 Allison Prindle and Danielle Fabian
2008 Sarah Fatherly and Jamie Wilson
2007 Judy Strayer and Connie Deel
2006 Pat Salyer and Jennifer Robert
2005 Nancy Woodson and Kathy Rainsburg
2004 Tom Moore
2003 Cynthia Jackson and Paula Knight
2002 Joanne Stichweh
2001 Ann Pryfogle
2000 Otterbein Support Staff Council
1999 Grace Ross
1998 Becky Smith and Sylvia Vance
1997 Marilyn Day
1996 Edna Smith Zech
1995 Jeanne Talley
1994 Karen Schwartzwalder
1993 Joanne Van Sant
1992 Otterbein Women’s Club
Archive of Women’s Forum Past Events
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Board Members

Dr. Shirine Mafi
Emeritus Professor鈥痠n Management
Department of Business, Accounting & Economics

Dr. Yiyuan Liu (Ava)
Associate Professor鈥痠n Marketing
Department of Business, Accounting & Economics
Roush 412

Allison M. de Nijs ’96
Academic Administrative Assistant
Department of Business, Accounting & Economics
Roush 419

Gaby Sicuro Miller
Administrative Coordinator
Education Department
Roush Hall 430

Women at Otterbein: An Historical Overview
Special event of 鈥淩emarkable Women at Otterbein: Then and Now鈥
Mrach 2017
Source: Otterbein Archivist, Stephen Grinch

Women鈥檚 Forum's History
Serving Otterbein over 30 years
Source: Women鈥檚 Forum board members